Pine Chemical Group supplies various Chemical Products:


Acetone is a colourless, clear liquid with a characteristic pungent odour. It is easily mixed with water, alcohols and others.

Acetone is widely used in paint and varnish industry, as well as in steel industry as solvent. Also it is used in furniture and leather-fur manufacturing – for degreasing and disinfecting surfaces.



Kerosene is a transparent or slightly yellowish liquid, and is the product of crude oil distillation of a mixture of volatile hydrocarbons.

Kerosene is used as a fuel in aviation, as well as widely used in the paint and varnish industry, in glass industry and for cleaning any metal structures from paints and rust.



O-Xylene oil is a clear flammable liquid, containing no impurities or water.
O-Xylene is included in the series of mixed solvents which are used to dissolve epoxy, vinyl, acrylic and silicone polymers, nitrocellulose and chlorinated rubber.



Toluene is a colourless, flammable liquid with a pungent odour. Toluene oil is manufactured through coking the rock-coal tar.
Toluene reacts well with organic solvents, therefore has been widely used in a modern paint and varnish industry.



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