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Pine Chemical Group – a leading company in the Finnish and Russian tall oil markets. The company delivers various chemical products. In addition, the company provides a wide range of services in the production and technological fields, as well as various other products and services.

Pine Chemical Group products comply with the state standard of Russia. Our clients represent leading manufacturers of paint, mineral, chemical and metallurgical industries around the world, as well as manufacturers of synthetic and rubber compounds and construction materials. We are also engaged in oil production and work with oil refineries and producers of ecological fuel.

Over the years, our company has developed well-established logistics schemes and has the necessary storage facilities, its own specialized fleet of railway and automobile vehicles, as well as its own local Railways.

Pine Chemical Group employs a team of highly qualified experts who strive to build and develop long-term and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. 

 Company history 

  • 1996: Within the framework of the parent company “Rastro trading house”, a commercial group was established that specializes in the supply of tall oil and tall oil products.
  • 2000:  Lesokhimik Trading House Was Founded.
  • 2000-2008: Lesokhimik Trading house reached 40,000 tons plus the volume of supply and processing of crude tall oil.
  • 2008: Pine Chemical group of companies was established for international business with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland-pre – registration in REACH of all delivered Tall Oil products – the first delivery of a technical Director from the Russian Federation to Finland
  • 2010:  Deliveries of pine chemicals from Finland to the Russian Federation have started – CTO REACH registration has been Completed
  • 2011: Pine Logistics Oy (Helsinki, Finland) was established to provide logistics services.
  • 2012:  Pine Logistics Oy becomes the Finnish customs representative, signs a direct contract with VR Group Finnish Railways – Pine Chemical Group made the first deliveries of Kraft paper from the Russian Federation to Scandinavia.
  • 2013: Pine Chemical group of companies was established in the UK and Ireland to provide products and services in the UK and Ireland.
  • 2020: Pine Chemical Group received the highest possible credit rating. Less than 3% of all companies in Finland have the same status.



Meeting the needs of our global clients for various chemical products, services related to these needs, and overall support for our clients in their international business relationships.


Expanding our presence in global markets through:

  • The maximum consistency of product quality requirements of consumers
  • Development and implementation of advanced technologies
  • Diversification of products
  • Search for new logistics solutions that ensure maximum delivery efficiency
  • Creating and promoting your own brands
  • Diversification of products and services offered to customers


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