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Pine Chemical Group is the leading company on Finnish and Russian Tall Oil markets. The company exercises delivery of various chemical products. Besides, the company provides a variety of services in manufacturing and technological fields, as well as various other products and services.

The production of Pine Chemical Group matches the Russian State Standard. Our customers represent the leading producers in paint and varnish, mineral resource, chemical and metallurgy industries around the world, as well as manufacturers of synthetic and compounded rubber and building materials. Also we are involved in petroleum exploitation and dealing with refining facilities and eco-fuel manufacturers.

With years, our company has developed the smooth logistical schemes and has in possession the required storage facilities, own specialized fleet of rail and road vehicles, and its own local railways.

Pine Chemical Group has a team of highly qualified experts eager to keep building and developing long term and mutually beneficial relations with our customers.

Company History

  • 1996: Within the framework of Head Company Torgoviy Dom Rastro was formed a commercial group specializing in delivery of Crude Tall Oil and Tall Oil products.
  • 2000: Torgoviy Dom Lesokhimik was established
  • 2000-2008: Torgoviy Dom Lesokhimik company reached 40 000 tons plus volume in supply and processing of Crude Tall Oil
  • 2008: For international business established Pine Chemical Group with headquarters in Helsinki, Finland- REACH pre-registration of all supplied Tall Oil products- First CTO supply from Russian Federation to Finland
  • 2010: Pine chemicals supply started from Finland to Russian Federation- CTO REACH registration completed
  • 2011: Pine Logistics Oy (Helsinki, Finland) was established for provision of logistics services
  • 2012: Pine Logistics Oy became Finnish Customs Representative, signed direct contract with VR Group Finnish Railways- Pine Chemical Group effected the first Kraft paper supplies from Russian Federation to Scandinavia
  • 2013: Pine Chemical Group UK and Ireland was established for provision of products and services in UK and Republic of Ireland
  • .


Satisfying our global customers’ needs in various chemical products, services related to those needs and general support of our customers in their international business relations.


Expanding our presence on global markets by means of:

  • Maximum conformity of product quality to customers requirements
  • Development and implementation of advanced technology
  • Diversification of manufactured products
  • Searching for new logistic decisions ensuring the maximum delivery efficiency
  • Creating and promoting own trade marks
  • Diversification of products and services offered to clients


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