Tall oil pitch delivered by Pine Chemical Group is a distillation product of crude tall oil, which is obtained from dried crude tall oil in pitch separator. In thin film pitch separators occurs evaporation of volatile part in crude tall oil then its partial condensation and feeding into the first distilling column as vapor as a liquid phase.

Unevaporated non-volatile residue from pitch separator is mixed with sinking fractions which are collected from distillation columns. Besides, for improving rheological properties of pitch here is added a fraction of unsaponifiable matter and light tall oil collected from the upper parts of distillation columns.

Given that, the tall oil pitch delivered by Pine Chemical Group occasionally has quite a high acidity number and low softening temperature (provided by TU 13-4000177-184-84). However, as long as the tall oil pitch mostly is applied as a fuel, these facts are not crucial for its usage.


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