The full spectrum of tall oil products supplied by Pine Chemical Group comes cooperatively with wood chemical industry facilities of pulp and paper mills.

Crude sulphate turpentine is processed in facilities, executing soft and mixed wood cooking. During this process takes place evaporation of turpentine vapors. For turpentine obtaining, the vapors are coughed, condensed and separated from under-turpentine water.

Crude tall oil processing can be carried out in batch and continuous type reactors. Batch type reactors are used in most pulp and paper industry facilities. The derived crude tall oil is subjected to consecutive washing and drying.

In continuous schemes of obtaining crude tall oil are used two types of flow reactors: high volume reactor-separator and small volume continuous tube reactor with following separation of crude tall oil by centrifugal separators.

Crude tall oil vacuum distillation with obtaining tall oil fatty acid, distilled tall oil, tall oil rosin and tall oil pitch is carried out in packed or dish-type columns. The crude tall oil dehydration is a primary and preparatory step of the process. Then take place the separation of tall oil pitch – non-volatile fraction. Next step of distillation is a separation of resin acids fraction (ready tall oil rosin) and crude fatty acid – raw substance for future distillation.

In the next column from crude fatty acid a fraction of unsaponifable matters is separated. The final step includes distillation of cleaned from unsaponifable matters crude fatty acid in the last column with obtaining tall oil fatty acid.

On the whole, technologies for obtaining forest chemical products are similar, but they have a number of differences concerning equipment and production procedures used in pulp and paper industry facilities.


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