Distilled tall oil is a product of crude tall oil vacuum distillation. Distilled tall oil appears as a mixture of unsaturated acids: linolic, linolenic and others, as well as of resin acids: abietic, dihydroabietic, palustric and others.

The content of resin acids is varied and amounts from 6 up to 30% depending on product application.

The formulation of distilled tall oil contains also unsaponifiable matters, up to 6%. Unsaponifiable matters appear as esters, alcohols and carbohydrates.

Pine Chemical Group delivers distilled tall oil in compliance with TU 13-00281074-26-95.

Distilled tall oil is applied in paint-and-varnish industry for alkyd resins producing, in chemical industry for obtaining emulgators meant for synthetic rubber, flotation agents and others.

Used for:

  • Farmers emulsions
  • Alkyde Resins
  • Asphalt Additives
  • Cement additives
  • Ethers
  • Linoleum
  • Greases


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