Tall oil pitch comprises in itself alcohol esters of fatty and resin acids, oligomers of fatty and resin acids, phytosterols, high-boiling neutral matters – spirits, hydrocarbons, etc.

Pine Chemical Group delivers tall oil pitch in compliance with TU 13-4000177-184-84.

Tall oil pitch is applied for obtaining corrosion inhibitors, at general rubber goods producing as the component in rubber softening agents, and as an adhesion promoter of rubber to metal cord. It is also applied for obtaining environmentally-friendly types of fuel, for cardboard sizing, road construction – as a binding component at asphalt processing, and for dedusting of airdrome and road coverings.

Tall oil pitch is applied in constructional materials industry as a bloating admixture at processing of claydite, and also as an air-entraining admixture in aerated concrete processing. In petroleum industry the tall oil pitch finds its application as a component of drilling muds.

Used for:

  • Asphalt Additives
  • General Oils
  • Cleaning Products
  • Drilling Solutions
  • Roof Mixtures


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